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Hydraulic Sphere Brake Innovation Paper


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In this innovation paper, a new design of a hydraulic brake system for electric motorcycles is considered with better technical characteristics and functional abilities in comparison to existing disc brake designs called the Hydraulic Sphere Brake (HSB). Using validated learning through the build-measure-learn (BML) feedback loop, minimum viable products (MVP) were rapidly developed that have been demonstrated in the lab environment. Advantages of developments in HSB application include the following:

1) The first brake system which does not require tools to change brake pads;

2) Due to inherent design, the brake itself produces more torque in a much smaller package;

3) The HSB is lighter than the required disc brake for the same platform;

4) It is positioned more towards the center line of the motorcycle, increasing stability and performance; and

5) The brake is affordable in high growth industries like e-mobility.

The HSB has been installed on a Cleveland CycleWerks ACE motorcycle for lab testing. The new HSB will be commercialized on Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon electric motorcycle (e-motorcycle). In this paper, results of experimental studies will be presented and discussed. The experimental results confirmed the validity of the theoretical propositions.

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